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Wow, Where Have I Been?

So it's been a loooong time since I updated this page. I've been responding to submissions and sending postcards through this site, but have mainly been posting updates on the FB page <>. This will continue to be my main source of news for you guys but I will still try to update this site as necessary! Keep those requests coming and those smiles happening!

Second Batch Sent!

My second batch of cards, consisting of 69 postcards and 2 notes/letters, has been sent today! Please let me know when you receive them! Thanks so much once again for all the support! I look forward to receiving more requests! This can be from ANYONE! No need to send a card back (unless you really want to, and I will certainly embrace it)! Take care, everyone!!

1st Mega-Batch of Postcards Sent!

Woohoo, sent 101 postcards at about 4:40 PM today! Thanks again for everyone who has been supporting my goals on this! I will update my pages with the next date that I will send postcards on! Please continue to send requests, for yourselves and for others that may enjoy receiving a postcard! And please make sure you let me know when you receive your cards!!

New "A Postcard for You" FB Page!

Just created a page for this site! Here it is - <>

First Five Requests!

Just wanted to say thank you to my first five requesters for taking the time to submit for a postcard! I know it might seem weird for me to come off as so desperately wanting to send postcards but I really DO wanna make that difference! For everyone else viewing this site, please don't feel shy in requesting one, or even just reading about the goals of this site or checking out the recommended links! Take care, everyone!

Happy Birthday, "A Postcard for You"!

Perhaps it's a bit weird for me to say happy birthday to my own site, but I am very surprised that I was able to put up such a site so quickly! Anyway, as shown below, this site is designed to allow people from all over the world to enjoy a free postcard from me, Tyler (Kentucky, US)! Sending postcards is one of my ways of spreading happiness and leaving a positive impact in the world. Please explore and enjoy receiving a postcard, if you choose to request one! Thank you for visiting!

Welcome to "A Postcard for You"!

Hello to all! Thank you for viewing this site, even if it was by accident! The purpose of this site is to allow me to send you all a postcard from the state of Kentucky in the US! All you have to do is let me know you are interested, give me your mailing address, and I will gladly send you a postcard the following weekend! And - just to clarify - I do not expect anything in return! I want to do this to fulfill part of my lifelong goal (written in the "About the Sender" section), so all I ask is that once you receive the postcard, let me know that you have gotten it so that I record a success reception of the card. Hope you all can enjoy the fruits of this site!