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About the Sender

Hello everyone! I'm Tyler, the creator of this website. I started sending postcards around May of 2013, and while I absolutely love receiving postcards, sending them has always been my goal. Why would I wanna send more postcards than I wanna receive? It all comes down to the one point in my life where I decided that living for myself was not enough, and that ultimately my main purpose in life is to leave some sort of positive impact on the world and the people in it, be it some sort of grand donation or something as small as a smile on one's face (I'm sure this sounds kinda cheesy but just bear with me). With this site, I want to be able to create those "smiles" by sending postcards without expecting anything in return. That, I believe, will be one of many ways that I can leave that impact that I'm looking for. I hope you can enjoy this site!