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Wow, Where Have I Been?

So it's been a loooong time since I updated this page. I've been responding to submissions and sending postcards through this site, but have mainly been posting updates on the FB page <>. This will continue to be my main source of news for you guys but I will …

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Second Batch Sent!

My second batch of cards, consisting of 69 postcards and 2 notes/letters, has been sent today! Please let me know when you receive them! Thanks so much once again for all the support! I look forward to receiving more requests! This can be from ANYONE! No need to send a card back (unless you really w…

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1st Mega-Batch of Postcards Sent!

Woohoo, sent 101 postcards at about 4:40 PM today! Thanks again for everyone who has been supporting my goals on this! I will update my pages with the next date that I will send postcards on! Please continue to send requests, for yourselves and for others that may enjoy receiving a postcard! And ple…

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New "A Postcard for You" FB Page!

Just created a page for this site! Here it is - <>

First Five Requests!

Just wanted to say thank you to my first five requesters for taking the time to submit for a postcard! I know it might seem weird for me to come off as so desperately wanting to send postcards but I really DO wanna make that difference! For everyone else viewing this site, please don't feel shy in r…

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Happy Birthday, "A Postcard for You"!

Perhaps it's a bit weird for me to say happy birthday to my own site, but I am very surprised that I was able to put up such a site so quickly! Anyway, as shown below, this site is designed to allow people from all over the world to enjoy a free postcard from me, Tyler (Kentucky, US)! Sending postca…

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