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Other Links

I would like to recommend the following links if you also really enjoy sending/receiving postcards and leaving some sort of worldwide impact:

Postcrossing: Postcrossing is a site dedicated to those who enjoy sending and receiving postcards from around the world. You are given an address of a random individual so you can send a postcard to it, and from there someone else receives your address and sends you a card. So, there is essentially a balance between sending and receiving postcards and thus allows for a constant flow of card-sending!

Kiva: Kiva is a site where users can send loans to those across the world to help individuals start a business or service. Once these individuals have received their loans, they will start to pay them off as their businesses begin to draw consumers.

The Prince & Princess Academy: This site is dedicated to improvements in education and learning conditions for the children of Ghana. My friend is one of the creators and facilitators of this site - users may donate money or textbooks to the academy and will consequently receive gifts in return for their contributions. Gift types are displayed on the site.